We’ve developed radiative cooling materials that use the sky as a renewable resource for cooling

SkyCool Systems’ patented technology turns the sky into a renewable resource for cooling by rejecting heat into the cold universe.

The SkyCool team was the first to demonstrate that the natural phenomenon of radiative cooling can be used during the day, and SkyCool Systems is the first company to employ radiative sky cooling with air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Skycool technology

Our Technology

Our technology is accelerating the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future!

SkyCool Radiative Cooling Panels

We’ve developed a passive cooling panel that improves the efficiency of any air conditioning or refrigeration system. We apply a Dual-Mode film to the top surface of each panel. The film reflects sunlight to prevent the panels from heating up during the day and also emits infrared heat to the cold sky, which keeps the panels and any fluid flowing in them cool 24/7/365. A fluid is pumped through each panel. The panels’ temperature can drop by up to 15°F below the ambient temperature with zero electricity input.

SkyCool’s panels can be used as an add-on to air conditioning and refrigeration systems. In some circumstances, our panels can even replace an air conditioning unit.

As an add-on, our panel system will yield between a 10% to 40% efficiency improvement depending on the integration mode. When fully replacing an air conditioning system, we expect an 80% to 90% energy reduction for cooling.

A SkyCool panel saves 2x -3x as much energy as a solar panel generates given the same area.

Compared to solar panels, SkyCool Panels utilize roof-space more  effectively by providing cooling 24/7. Since SkyCool panels do not need to be south-facing, they can complement solar panels on the roof.


We’re focused on deploying SkyCool Panels in commercial and industrial applications where cooling is a dominant load.


Get in touch with us to find out how SkyCool Panels can help you save on energy costs with electricity-free cooling.

Dual-Mode Film

We’ve pioneered radiative cooling as a technology, and shown that specially designed optical films can enable this passive approach to cooling throughout the day. These optical films are highly reflective to sunlight but also emit thermal radiation exceptionally well to the cold of space through our atmosphere, enabling daytime operation during the hottest hours of the day.

Dual-Mode Film serves numerous applications

Applied to outdoor batteries or electronic boxes

Applied to outdoor
shaded structures

Applied on
metal roofs

Applied to refrigerated
trucks or other vehicles